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DIY Milk Bath Recipe

This DIY milk bath recipe is simple, inexpensive, and sure to leave you feeling refreshed and pampered after a stressful...

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Easy Things to Make Out of Clay

We are sharing some of our favorite creative ideas to make out of clay. From simple pots and dishes to...

How to Make Homemade Lip Balm

Learn how to make your own lip balm with this simple DIY tutorial that uses natural ingredients. Are you looking...

How to Use Essential Oils in the Shower

Learn how to use your essential oils in the shower. The benefits of shower aromatherapy are endless! With just a...

5 Essential Oil Hacks to Try in Your Everyday Life

Learn about our favorite essential oil hacks that will change the way you use and think about essential oils. A...

How to Make DIY Shower Steamers

Learn how to make your own DIY shower steamers with this simple tutorial! These homemade shower steamers release soothing aromas...


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