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How to Make Essential Oils At Home

Learn About Extracting Plant Oils At Home Using Simple Equipment Have you ever wondered how to make essential oils from...

Natural Remedies for Cold Sores

Those scabby, throbbing scabs on the mouth are annoying and painful, not to mention unsightly. Conventional treatments work to suppress...

8 Ways to Live More Sustainably

Tidying up our private spaces often helps us notice how we fit within the greater world around us — sometimes...

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10 Tips For A Spotless Kitchen | DIY House Cleaning

A spotless kitchen means effortless cooking and safe delicious meals! Give your kitchen a much-needed makeover with this fast and easy...

An Esthetician Explains: 4 DIY Ways To Change Up Your Skincare Routine for Fall

Fall always feels like a good time for a fresh start. Even more so than in spring, I feel the...

7 Foods to Help You Sleep

Be sure to enjoy plenty of these 7 foods that are proven to fight insomnia and deliver a restful night...


Happily DIY

Hey there. I'm Linda. Welcome to Happily DIY! This is my online home where I happily share all my practical DIY tips in a variety of beauty, health, home and organization topics. Hope you'll stick around for more interesting and useful posts that can inspire you to DIY!
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